Icon New Infant section at Play Coop Icon Admissions open for Play, Pre-School, PP1, PP2 Icon Day Care from Monday to Saturday - 9.00 am to 7.30 pm with Nutritious Lunch / Snacks, Extra curricular activities and Tuitions from Std 1st to Std 6th

Play-Coop is open to children during term breaks and when there is vacancy

   Admission to a group is dependent on the number of children in that group.

   Admission forms are available ONLY at the school premises.

   Admission form is required to be filled in ONLY at the time of admission of the child.

   There is no charge for the admission form but there is a registration fee charged.



   The parents of the child will be interviewed.

   The child is required to be present, but there is no specific/separate interview for the child.

   On admission, parents are required to submit a photograph of the child; NO other documentation is required by Play-Coop.



The following are the rules related to the above:

   Play-Coop does not permit chocolates and aerated drinks on its premises( exceptions during Birthday parties and other parties at school.).       Should these be sent to school, they are returned when the child goes home.

   Food in school is strictly vegetarian- and outside food is not allowed inside - only the mid- morning snacks are from home. ( yes, we provide food for all the children at day care)

   Play-Coop provides all cutlery and plates for the children.

   Children are expected to come is comfortable, simple, cotton clothes. A spare set/ diapers is always kept in school in the event of an emergency.